OxR Foods is a supply-based company since its inception from 2015 is successfully providing food products in wholesale and white-label product for food service company, restaurants, e-commerce brands, caterers, chefs, cafes. Also, we export our food products in the brand names of –Organico, Fresmore, Nutrikye, Soad and Khati, Oitizzer Somahar. These branded products are locally available also.

OxR Foods means Organic and Raw Foods. We always strive to provide 100% natural, chemical-free, raw foods and some processed in a controlled environment that also ensure human health benefits and a green planet.

Our founder Mahti Ahsan solemnly believes that no nation can prosper unless they possess good health. For good health they need to maintain quality food and environment. At OxR Foods, we work in this morality and produce quality food products that have minimal impact on environment. For this minimal impact, we have few projects under OxR Group for the sustainability of our environment.

OxR Foods is a prominent name for honey & sweets, spice & herbs, oil & ghee, pickles & chutney, fruits & vegetables, Dry foods, Seafood and grain.


"Nourishing lives with superior natural foods, OxR Foods commits to excellence, transparency, and the well-being of all through nutrient-rich products."


"At OxR Foods, we aspire to lead globally by offering premium, natural, nourishing food, fostering healthier lives and sustainable well-being”


It started from the sincere effort and dedication to achieve his dream of a young man. Mahti Ahsan, a student of Food Engineering department of Daffodil International University, starts his initiative with a minimal investment of USD 20, i.e. BDT 2000 of honey that he sold in his department back in the year 2015. The pure and premium quality of the product ensnared more demand and in three months he earned USD 1500, i.e. BDT 1.5 Lac that became his first capital for OxR Foods. In due time, he increased his amount of revenue and satisfied consumers by maintaining the quality and service. Mahti had a clientele of 400 teachers, 1000 students and 200 university staffs and added ghee, pickles and sea-food in his product profile. In 2016, Mahti Ahsan participated in BAPA International Food Fair by the motivation of his campus and clientele. At this fair, Mahti had an opportunity to display his products and business idea to various big names of the food industry of Bangladesh. Among all, PRAN gives him a business of 2-ton honey and till date OxR Foods has delivered 200-ton honey to them.

In span of 8 years OxR Foods has become one of the trusted partners for food industry players with quality, service, transparency.

Our head office is in Dhaka, Darussalam Mirpur. Our warehouse is in Nalta Sharif, Kaliganj, Satkhira. And our factory site is at Bhabanipur, Gazipur.


Business Area:

Bangladesh is a country of 180 million people. OxR Foods is successfully providing those category of food items that has a gross market capital of 200 Billion BDT in home only. Abroad this market is more than 100 times larger.

At home, OxR Foods plays 3 different roles as a Supplier, Production partner and Retail. As a supplier, we supply raw food materials to big brands like PRAN, Krishibid group, BD Foods and others. We also supply raw food goods to many e-commerce food brands. Many restaurants, cafés, chefs, caterers, super shops rely on our raw food materials.

As a Production partner we provide full production support for an entrepreneur and e-commerce brand in white label. Also, for corporate gift items, we provide our service and expertise.

Retail business is becoming much popular in Bangladesh. We have 5 popular brands to cater the retail market. Our brands are Organico, Fresmore, Nutrikye, Soad and Khati. We serve our clients via our own online platform, other e-commerce platform and super shops.

For export, we have a market of these 5 brands in five continents of the globe. Organico and Fresmore is extremely popular in Europe, North America and South America region. Nutrikye is very popular in Asia, Europe and Australia region. Soad and Khati is immensely popular in Asia, specially Gulf region.

Core Values: Our business core value has made us achieve our success.

Quality First: We do not negotiate with quality. Our company adheres to optimum quality control measures at every stage of production, from sourcing raw materials to packaging the final products. This commitment to excellence has earned OxR Foods the trust of its discerning customer base, who can rely on the brand for consistently high-quality, flavorful, and nutritious offering.

Collaboration: At OxR Foods, we embrace collaboration as a catalyst for achieving shared goals. Valuing teamwork, we foster an environment where collective efforts drive innovation and success. Whether with farmers, suppliers, or internal teams, collaboration flourishes, enabling adaptability to market demands while upholding product integrity.

Professional Conduct: OxR Foods upholds the highest ethical standards, prioritizing transparency, honesty, and fairness in all business dealings. Recognizing that ethical practices cultivate a strong internal culture and resonate with consumers, we remain committed to integrity.

Accountability: OxR Foods prioritizes accountability, taking ownership of actions and decisions, driving continuous improvement, and fostering positive contributions to environment, communities, and consumers.

Passion & commitment: Passion fuels OxR Foods' pursuit of excellence, driving teams to provide nourishing, high-quality food. Combined with a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, it's the cornerstone of achieving extraordinary results.

Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is paramount at OxR Foods. We aim to surpass expectations by actively seeking feedback, adapting to preferences, and maintaining open communication, ensuring every interaction is not just satisfactory but delightful.

Our Leadership:

Mahti Ahsan: Mahti Ahsan is an entrepreneur who is working for his ambition of providing pure and chemical free food products for everyone in home and abroad. He gradually wishes to be a global food supplier who will cater the entire globe.

Yahia Hossain: Yahia Hossain is a highly decorated military professional. After his retirement from Bangladesh Army he has joined OxR Foods. He is the DFO, i.e. Director Factory Operation. His total control over entire factory administration ensures our quality standard and procedures.

Zia Mohiyuddin: Zia Mohiyuddin is Head of Marketing at OxR Foods. He is the former PR Manager of Dhaka Sheraton. His keen understanding of purchase, quality control and product analysis enhances our communication with our clientele.

Our Honorable Clients:

At OxR Foods, we share a beautiful bond with our honorable clients. We do not see them only as our client, but also as one of our family. We feel humble by the high rate of business retention we get every year. Our clients appreciate our effort to attend to their any and all query, service and delivery.


Mahti Ahsan believes that award or other recognition is not our achievement. Our achievement is the number of people we have provided our product and service.

2015: OxR Foods was born – we started our operations. We served 1800 people with pure honey.

2016: OxR Foods became an  official supplier of  PRAN. Till date we have served them 200 tons of pure honey.

2017: Continuing with PRAN, we included Krishibid Group and 20 other brands of Bangladesh in our clientele.

2018: We prepared 10 boats for the inhabitants of Sundarban so then can collect honey and earn their living.

2019: We start our research and development for our spices and prepare set up at Satkhira.

2020: During COVID we start our own online selling platform and we develop our brand Organico.

2021-2022: We continue our research and development including nourishing our own brand Organico.

2023: We set up our corporate office in Dhaka.

2024: We set up our factory site at Bhabanipur, Gazipur.